Thursday, November 18, 2010

"make it nice around the tree!"

Check out this site I found.  It's called Christmas Trees Galore and they specialize in artificial Christmas trees that you can order.  I'm so torn between a silver tree and a white tree.  I do know that i do NOT want a real tree.  Such a mess!  Let's have a look of what they have:
24 in. Pre-lit Upside Down Tree
 An upside down tree.. um, I don't know about that one.  It's kind of fun to look at, but, really?
Pink Cashmere Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree
A pink tree!  Doesn't go with my color scheme...
Multi LED Blossom Tree
This one is different!  I like it a lot.
White Spruce Medium Pre-lit Christmas Tree
Fabulous!  Very chic.

We'll see what I decide!  Stay tuned...

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