Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Truly one of my favorite and most inspiring places to be is New York City.

on the house

After we moved in, one of our friends gave us a few bottles of wine, and House Wine was one of them.  This red wine is a cabernet blend, and it comes in a white variety too.  The winery that makes this also has a couple other original blends that we are excited to try!  And look at the label on the bottle.  How fun?

charge pad

Duracell myGrid charge pad
An electronics charging pad, like this one from Duracell, charges devices like your cell phone, iPod, or camera, by just putting the device on the pad; no more messy cord confusion.  This is definitely going on my Christmas list.

cool it

This 16x20" non-stick cooling rack by Nordic is perfection.  I hate tiny, flimsy cooling racks, and this one is heavy duty.  I love how big it is, too.  And it's non-stick.  I actually found mine at TJMaxx for $7, and they are also available on Amazon.

designer diner

I was Google-imaging Chanel and found this.. and I think it looks yummy.

table style

Mud Australia has the most beautiful porcelain I have EVER seen.  The shapes and colors are modern and super cool.  Not only are they perfect for your most exquisite dinner parties, but you could even use these everyday.  I want all of them!

consider cactus

Cactus is one of my favorite house plants.  My apartment doesn't get much sunlight, so this type of plant is perfect.  Cactus are low-maintenance; they require little water.  They can be put almost anywhere, and they always seem to look chic!  This picture is one of my cactus that I have.  I got all three of mine from Ikea.

fresh plug

The Wallflower from Bath & Body Works is my favorite way to freshen up a room.  They are very cute and almost invisible.  Their minimalist design and color options are amazing and keep rooms smelling perfectly fresh.  I love the passion fruit-scented one.

light bright

This silver bowl light bulb from Gracious Home is such a chic way to light a room.  These are best for light fixtures that have an exposed bulb, because the bulb looks as if it were dipped in liquid silver, which hides the inside filaments of a light bulb.

"flower girl" (2010)

Original photography by Andrew Williams


The Olivia headboard by blik is actually a wall decal.  Please browse their website; it's absolutely amazing.  I love all of the decals they have.  They also have everything from lamps to shelving, mirrors, and even furniture.  I am seriously considering getting this for our bed.  I just love it.

possible purchase

West Elm's bracket shelving is just what I have been looking for. Available in 2 color choices and 3 different bracket designs. Graphic, sleek , and unique there is a design for everyone , I am thinking white with a straight bracket ?????