Wednesday, December 1, 2010

rub a dub tub

I bought this silver galvanized tub with handles from the hardware store.  Originally, I was going to use it for the base of my tree, but it did not work the way I hoped; so instead, I put it on the side of my couch and filled it with all my magazines and catalogs.  I think it looks great and fits the "industrial" architecture perfectly.

deck the loft!

We decided on a lovely white tree this year; it was the perfect choice.  It really fits the color palette of the rest of our apartment, since I wanted to keep the color scheme monochromatic.  I used gray, silver, and pearl-colored ornaments.  Living in a loft is basically like decorating one large space. 
Our loft is decorated in a mid-century modern style, with classic infusion.  Overall, we keep a minimalist standard as far as accessories and furniture. Take a look at some of our holiday decor .

One of my favorite ornaments that I bought is this charming polar bear.  I got this at a shop in Mystic, Connecticut.  I love how he looks like he is balancing on one of the tree branches.  I try to make the animals look real, not just hang on the tree.
Our tree is only 4 1/2 feet tall, but we gave it extra height with this simple white end-table.
A glittered wreath on my large mirror, with a little bird nestled perfectly!
More birds on the tree!  I love this adorable white porcelain bird.  My mother bought us two of these.
On my table, I have a silver leaf platter filled with pine cones, and sprinkled with silver glittered balls.
On the coffee table I created a little scenery of snow, flocked trees, and this little twig rodent!
I found this amazing Pottery Barn SILVER-PLATED Santa; it retails for $125.00, and he weighs 20 pounds.  I found him at Savers for $19.99.  YES, this is a true story.  How chic is that Santa?  He is standing proud next to my silver ball tree that I made.
This is my mini vintage silver tinsel tree, decorated with light blue and silver balls of different sizes.
An overview of the newly-arranged living room.

 A great shot of the dining room table.

take a seat

I love this chair!  This is the Lina folding chair.  I might be picking this up; maybe after the holidays, but how chic?  This comes from Design Within Reach.  It's an Italian-made chair with an extremely durable steel frame.  It can be used everyday, or tucked into a closet for storage when you don't need to use it.  I think it would make a great accent chair, in an office or study.