Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you better work

I love when I find a store or design studio that turns an everyday object into a perfect work of art. That is what you will find at Waterworks Studio.  They have bathroom accessories, tile, faucets; all things bathroom.. and all beautiful.

pillow talk

I am all about velvet details right now, and I am thinking about pillows!  Crate & Barrel has some really chic velvet pillows in an array of sophisticated colors.  I think when choosing a color for a pillow, contrast is something to keep in mind.  Velvet is the perfect accent material.  Velvet pillows are plush, lush, and just lovely!

hella nutella

I found my new favorite snack!  I take a coco pop, which is a multigrain crisp (but you could use a rice cake and it would be just as yummy), and then I spread Nutella on it and add a sprinkle of ground sea salt.  And there you have a delicious, sweet and savory snack.  It's simply divine!  And if you can believe it, it has less than 50 calories!