Saturday, October 2, 2010


Roy Lichtenstein was a prominent twentieth-century American pop artist.  His work was heavily influenced by both popular advertising and the comic book style.  Lichtenstein described pop art as not "American" painting, but actually industrial painting.

faux bois

The French term for false wood, faux bois is a technique found often in planters and garden accessories that replicates the look of wood grain, often made of cement.  There are very few known faux bois artists in the United States; but one Texas artist, Carlos Cortes, still produces custom faux bois pieces, which are considered to be highly collectible.  This fake-me-out woodland motif is timeless and adds interest to any room.  This is a picture of my faux bois planters.  I have gorgeous succulents and moss planted in mine.


Floral frogs are small devices used to arrange flowers.  They come in multiple designs and sizes.  Some, like the one above, are metal circles with many spikes sticking up.  Flowers stay quite easily in them and appear more full and symmetrical.  They can be found at most potting sheds and florists.