Monday, November 1, 2010

secret santa success

Holiday season is officially here, and with that comes the ever-so-stressful workplace gift exchange.  There is always a dilemma with a gift exchange--you pull a name and it's someone too old, too young, someone you do not know well, or someone you do not love so much.  One more thing, and for me is always the most stressful part; the budget!  Typically, $20 is a common limit for a workplace secret Santa.  Here are some great ideas from West Elm.  I love all of these!
Who doesn't love tape?  Well, I do, and I am really loving these wooden tape dispensers, with Japanese tape!  These are from West Elm, and they are colorful, stylish, modern, and FUN!  Trust me when I tell you that you can give someone tape for Christmas--and they will love it!
Coasters?  YES, PLEASE!  Everyone needs them, and everyone will LOVE these lacquered coaster sets.  They come in the most amazing colors.  I am loving the gold and silver sets; instant glamour!
I am always writing things down because I forget everything.  So be sure not to forget this gift idea!  These color block journals are the perfect stocking stuffer.  Or, pair one up with a fancy pen and that gift is good to go!
How chic are these white ceramic diffusers?  I have to admit, these days I have been ditching candles and scattering decorative diffusers all over the apartment.  They are so perfect!  My favorite diffusers come from West Elm.
Now I know what you might be thinking; really, Andrew, a nut bowl?  YES, a nut bowl!  This is not just for nuts.  I would use these for candy, or even as kitchen prep bowls.  They are $4 each, and for only $20 you could give an entire set of five of these.  Mix and match, or give all black, tie them up with a great bow and the fabulous signature gift wrap from West Elm, and everyone will be calling you fancy pants!

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